It’s time to work on something bigger: An interview with the CXR Foundation Board

Why a Foundation... and why now?

We sat down with Gerry Crispin, Vice President of the CXR Foundation to ask him precisely that question. His answer speaks volumes: “It’s time to work together on problems bigger than ourselves…. bigger than our employer and this Foundation gives us the platform to accomplish something.”

Gerry has been thinking about possible ways to address systemic issues in talent for decades. He firmly believes there are leaders in the talent industry who are ready to think beyond putting a body in a seat and take on more responsibility for helping others. Building a 21st century recruiting process goes beyond what any one leader can do in one company. His aspiration for the CXR Foundation is to push new standards and drive the industry in a new direction. 

[Read Gerry’s article about systemic bias]

Listen below to see just where Gerry thinks the CXR Foundation can make an impact. Interested in joining us? Let us know.

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