Make a difference with one conversation

The CXR Foundation is proud to present the 1ne “one” project.

1ne is a spinoff of the RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters initiative and is aimed at helping recruiters who lost their job due to the pandemic. The Foundation is looking to enlist employed talent professionals willing to donate their time for just one conversation with one job seeker for one hour.

Support the success of your peers  

Volunteers can choose how to use that conversation to suit their strengths. Some will choose to provide resumé feedback while others give career coaching. Some may offer direct introductions from their vast networks and others will be able to interview for potential openings at their organization. The possibilities are as endless as are the combinations of people involved.

All of our volunteers’ time will be offered under the new non-profit, 501c3 CXR Foundation. As such, employers can provide charitable hours or matching time to support the effort made by their employees.

We’re excited to share the success stories from this new project. It’s a great example of a simple way to make a big impact. 1ne plays on the strengths of the talent industry. Helping people find fulfilling careers is a common motivator for many of us and with the 1ne project, we have the opportunity to do that for our peers in the talent industry.

With projects as far-reaching as eliminating systemic bias in recruiting to those as direct as helping one peer find a new opportunity, the CXR Foundation is poised to make an impact. Learn more about the 1ne project and how you can participate.

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