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Why partner with the CXR Foundation?

We are looking to gather a community of talent professionals that are ready to make an impact. We offer opportunities to influence change through one-on-one projects and in collaborative group projects. When you join the CXR Foundation you’ll be able to:

  • Raise awareness of systemic bias in the recruiting process and collaborate to publish guidelines and standards to help eliminate that bias
  • Advocate for true change that advances the industry

How to join us…

Each Foundation Partner pays annual dues to support the work of the Foundation. Benefits of partnership include:
  • a network of resources
  • establishing or joining exciting industry workstreams led by industry leaders, practitioners, founders, and CEO’s,
  • participation in local and virtual charitable projects.

CXR Foundation Membership

$ 14,975
  • Members-Only events
  • Participate in peer-driven projects and publications
  • Establish and publish industry standards and research
  • Involvement in members-only webinars and reviews
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