Let’s grow & do more good: an interview with the CXR Foundation Board

What will the CXR Foundation do?

We asked Brad Cook, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Intuitive Surgical and CXR Foundation Board Member, what he expects from the foundation. His answer brings up another great project that is now part of the Foundation: Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters. “So many people wanted to get involved in Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters, some that would normally be strong competitors. That shows that there are many of us who really want to do more good in the talent industry.” 

[Read more about the Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters mission]

Brad is excited for the CXR Foundation to continue moving similar efforts forward while being focused on larger impact issues. “I think we have an opportunity to impact industry standards and to do something strong around diversity, equity and inclusion – things that can help people move the needle now.”

Listen to what Brad thinks the CXR Foundation is ready to accomplish below. Interested in joining us? Let’s talk

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