About the CXR Foundation

At CXR, we’ve always been big believers in the power of community. We’ve seen the amazing things people can do when they come together with common purpose. And in 2019, we decided to use some of that energy to give back to others.

A start at the community level

Traditionally, the CXR Community gathers together in-person at locations across North America. In 2019, we used the day before each meeting to give back to the local community where we were meeting – and we invited our local & attending members to join us. We hosted a workshop on job searching & interviewing for a community college. We stocked food pantry shelves. We cooked meals that would be donated to the elderly. We flipped beds at a homeless shelter.

Ultimately we learned more about the communities we were serving while also getting to know some of our own community members a little better. We loved each of those experiences but we knew there was more that could be done. Now we’re ready to take it to the next level with the official launch of the CXR Foundation.

Ready to impact the talent industry

The CXR Foundation is a certified non-profit with the mission of creating and publishing standards, guidelines, awareness, and advocacy that advances the talent industry.

We are looking to foster and cultivate a community of members within the fields of talent acquisition and talent management that are ready to make a positive impact and truly drive change. To say we’re excited about the potential of this group is an understatement.

We’re also excited to have the Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters effort folded into this new 501c3 venture and have more projects already in the works.

Let’s make an impact together

There’s never been a better time to change the world of talent. If you are interested in working towards a greater good by establishing talent acquisition standards, helping talent professionals who are out of work, and advancing the professions of talent acquisition and talent management – the CXR Foundation is your new home. Won’t you join us? 

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