Evolving CXR Cares: An interview with the CXR Foundation Board

How did the CXR Foundation start?

Barb Ruess, VP Global Marketing for CareerXroads and Secretary of the CXR Foundation Board of Directors, has been involved in discussions about the Foundation from the very beginning. We sat down recently to talk about how this larger nonprofit effort got its first spark. 

“It all started with CXR Cares,” notes Barb. “What began as us giving back to the communities that were hosting our meetings, turned into a platform from which we can give back to the talent industry at large. Now instead of working in soup kitchens and flipping beds in a homeless shelter, we’ll be able to address systemic bias with real standards and help make the world of talent a better place to work.”

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CXR Cares projects will certainly continue as soon as we are able to travel again. In the meantime, Barb and the entire board are looking forward to calling together other like-minded people who are ready to impact real change in the talent industry. “There’s room for anyone in the Foundation who has the understanding of what problems need to be addressed and the ability to address that change… leaders of talent acquisition, talent management directors, founders of vendors in the space – all are welcome as long as they are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”

Listen Barb talk about why she thinks it’s important to get involved in the CXR Foundation below. Interested in joining us? Let’s talk.  

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